I started a new blog over at Blogspot to track Project 52.  I figured people who didn’t feel like wading through all the photography jargon wouldn’t have to, but those who would like to see it can jump over there.  Hopefully this will be an enjoyable escape for me, where I learn a ton and essentially keep my photography bug alive.

      In the meantime, Carter is a walking maniac.  We used to have to prompt him to walk from object to object and now he does it all on his own.  We think the next big milestone for him will be the ability to stand unassisted (meaning he doesn’t have to hold onto anything to stand up – he will be able to do it all on his own in the middle of a room with nothing around him).  It will be either that or running!  He still gets a little wobbly, but he covered the entire length of our kitchen last night without falling.  S-C-A-R-Y.

      The other thing he started doing this week was thumb through his board books.  He will sit with a book in his lap and then with his thumbs, page through it and look at the pictures.  He closes it, puts his thumbs in the right place, and then opens it again.  It’s pretty cool!

      Still no teeth yet.  We keep hoping!