Yesterday was Carters 7 month birthday – Seven Old Months!  I cannot believe that it has been that long and he continues to grow like crazy.  We took Cousin Taylor and Carter to the pumpkin patch yesterday so that we could find our carving pumpkins for Halloween (hope they don’t rot between now and then).  I borrowed Scotts Wide Angle lens for the weekend and below are a few of my favorites, and check out the whole Album!
      I have to do a quick list of my favorite things, so that we can remember where Carter is at:
      • I love how when he gets tired while he is crawling around, he will barrel into a pillow or stuffed animal, trying to bury his face
      • He is starting to talk using more syllables like "bababa", "fafafa", and "yayaya" instead of his normal crazy scream
      • His ribs are ticklish and he will giggle or belly laugh when you go after his tummy
      • He is not only pulling himself up on everything, he often times will turn and pose with only one hand holding on "Hey – look at me, I am only using one hand…oh, and guess what?  I can switch hands!"
      • He is starting to clap and wave … the clapping he understands, the waving I think just happens
      • He is starting to balance on his own for a few seconds … and he can take a step forward to you when he moves from holding onto a couch, etc to holding on to you
      • He will now push his bottle away when he is distracted, oh, and it can take 2 hours to feed him sometimes when he is distracted!
      • He is back to sleeping for 10-11 hours again!!