This week started off less than stellar … we are all still sick, I am exhausted, and I found out I have to go to California for a business trip on Wednesday and Thursday.  then to top it off, Friday I negotiated with Direct TV so we could drop Comcast and the installer is at the house with Jeremy right now.  Sadly, the installers aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and Jeremy IM’d me that he is glad his gun is upstairs because he is ready to shoot the guy, then himself, just to put them both out of their misery.  Yeah, good times.  I am curious to see how visible the dish is from the street (From what has been described, I am worried) and how bad the cables are going to look as they run around our house.  Well, at least there will be no more Comcast.

      A few nice thoughts before I sign off – even though we are all still sick, Carter has been doing some awesome things lately.  He started eating with a spoon and fork all by himself.  About half the time he gets what he wants into his mouth, the other half the time Lucy eats it (she is getting fat, haha).  He also likes hot food – when we tell him it is hot, he says hot and starts blowing.  It is so cute because he isn’t blowing on the food, he just starts blowing air to the point where we wonder if hyperventilation should be a concern.  “SNACK!” is his new favorite word.  He knows where his snack cupboard is and will walk to it yelling, “SNACK!”  As well as the new fridge – when he is ready for his milk, he walks to the fridge saying, “Milll.”  This weekend he really started stacking his big Lego’s well and we started working on colors.  I would ask him to point to a color and about half the time he got it right (the other half of the time he was too into stacking them).  He is a dancing machine these days too – he loves music and loves to dance a combination of swaying side to side, some foot stomping, and then a baby bootie shake.  A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.