It monsoon’d today. All day. We even heard a few rumbles of thunder and had some even worse downpour than normal. This meant we were stuck inside. Stuck inside with a kid who has been up since four in the morning. This is what he looked like pretty much all day:


      You know I will get mileage out of this photo when Gavin is a teenager. Bringing his first girlfriend home… I foresee some awesome slide shows in the background… Muhahaha.

      I spent a lot of today going through photos, culling, categorizing and tagging from the last month. Then I decided to tackle my 2010 photo book again. Cause I am on the ball. I have at least made it half way through at this point. Anyway, after having that face come up to me all day, I decided I needed to see another one to make me smile. Here is one from this last week that didn’t make it into the 365 Project:


      While it isn’t as funny to look at, it sure is cute! Hope everyone had a lazy Saturday while it monsoon’d…