This winter I put up a birdfeeder off our kitchen window and in the last two weeks or so, a TON of birds have found it. Today I saw this guy perched on our swing – he is much larger (about twice as big) as all the other birds that come to the feeder. I first thought he was a robin, but his coloring seems to be too vibrant for that? I honestly have no idea and it has been so long since I have seen any interesting wild life, I am making crap up now. Anyone know? Leave a comment!



      So pretty!!! What kind of bird seed are you putting out? I usually put out black sunflower seeds, but I’m wondering if I should mix it up a bit…

      I have a suet feeder that I am constantly battling the squirrels over. Usually I buy the high-energy kind – I think you can get both the feeder and the suet at any hardware store. Thanks for the comment!

      Looks like a male Varied Thrush to me. Stunning bird, good capture.