I FINALLY got a desk for our bedroom so that I can set up my desktop computer that has all my photography stuff on it. This means that I will be able to start posting better, non-phone photos. This also means I need to start taking more photos – I will start picking rooms throughout the house and the yard each week to do a photo shoot of, so we can share our favorite things about the house as we get the rooms completed.

      Gavin is holding his head up for longer periods now and still hasn’t quite rolled over yet, but he is SO CLOSE. I will keep everyone updated on the progress there too. I think this weekend we are going to have to swap out his 0-3 month clothes for 3-6 month ones – he is just too long for a lot of them!

      Carter is definitely going through the Terrible Two’s right now and the mixture of picky eating with not enough sleep makes it even worse. I think all the changes have caught up with him and he has been challenging (to say the least). Last week at the Little Gym we had some bad decision incidents that pushed us to leave class early. He kicked at a little boy, pushed at a little girl, and took a ball away from another child. He knows all of this behavior is unacceptable and was just acting out, so it was time to go. To say I was not happy with him is an understatement. This is completely uncharacteristic of him, so we are trying an earlier class today since this one is the time he has been taking his naps lately. Hopefully that does the trick.

      But he has been funny and we have a new Carter-saying here lately. I will tell him he is goofy and he will turn to me in all seriousness and say, “No. Carter’s not goofy. Carter’s just Carter.”