A quick post about a noticeable and SCARY change in Carter that happened over the course of the last few days.  Previously, he spent most of his time hanging onto couches, chairs, toys, etc. walking along them while holding on for support.  If he saw something further away that he wanted, he would immediately drop to the ground and crawl to it regardless of whether or not you offered him a hand to hold so he could walk.

      Now he barely holds onto my pinky and struts right over to where ever he wanted to go, no crawling necessary.  Or he will stand there in the middle of the room, barely holding onto a finger.  I honestly don’t know how this happened, but he wasn’t doing it on Thanksgiving, then I was in Denver on Friday and he was doing it Saturday.  Something just clicked for him and I think we are on the edge of another major milestone.

      We. Are. Screwed.


      Uh oh………


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