I cannot believe that it is New Years Eve and that 2011 is literally RIGHT THERE. The year flew by, with so many changes for us all. Yesterday I started archiving this blog for 2010 (I do a cut/paste backup just in case – plus it allows me to start editing for our photobook) and it is absolutely crazy how much Carter has changed.

      My goals for 2010 were partially achieved, but some for good reasons. I only ran one of the three half marathon’s I wanted to – but missing the third was for the best reason ever. I didn’t purchase my 24-70L lens, but that is because I am waiting on the new version to be released (and I swear I will call Canon if I write this again next year). And Project 52 and slowing down both failed miserably – my life was just not conducive to either of those goals at this point.

      We also had some big items ticked off in 2010 for house improvement – I completed the backyard makeover, we got the house painted, and we got all our appliances in the kitchen switched over to stainless steel (which you wouldn’t think makes a difference, but oh, it does).

      Carter started the year with only a few words and finished it doing sentences, counting to 20, and knowing his ABCs. He now finally has a mouthful of teeth – most of which came in at the same time. We made it through illnesses (even cancelling his first birthday party because of one), slight injuries (his first bite marks from another kid, slamming his thumb in the toy box), obsessions (motorcycle anyone?), and just a crazy fast rate of development that makes me feel like my baby is really actually a little boy now.

      And of course the most life altering news – we learned we have another little boy due in March. After the initial onset of terror subsided (Carter is active, K2 is MORE active … this alone is frightening), I am really excited to have two boys and hope they are the best of friends. I am looking forward to the stories that will ensue once K2 gets a little older – and of course, I will be sure to retell them all here.

      Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years Eve and enjoys ringing in the New Year!