Oh yea, this week has been a doozey. I opened the door to the car to buckle him in his seat, but instead of sitting there patiently, I see this tiny figure hurl outwards and downwards. Directly onto pavement. I didn’t know it until I picked him up, but the direct impact of the fall was on his head. There was an immediate and giant goose egg on his temple, above his left eye. And he screamed. And cried. And wouldn’t stop screaming and crying. So I rushed him to the doctors to make sure that there wasn’t something awful happening with his head. Nothing makes me more nervous than a head injury.

      As the doctor asked questions, pokes and prods, he tells me, “Well, his skull isn’t fractured, so that is good.” WHA?? I didn’t even think of that as an option!

      Then he states, “And there is no swelling of the brain” HUHUHUH????? That either!

      “Just keep an eye on him, he might have a mild concussion.” Okay, that one I was prepared to hear.

      And he is fine (THANK GOD). Just has an ugly bump on his head and some abrasions where he hit, but quickly back to his normal sassy self.

      After the doctors, the boys headed outside to burn off some energy since it wasn’t raining. Gavin’s poor face – I will be amazed if he makes it through childhood without scars everywhere. The picture doesn’t do his lump justice – it is gigantic. Gavin-4573_Carter-4580