Last weekend, Carter, Jeremy, and I met up with Denise, March, Domenic, Cole, and our new friends Tracy and Quinn at Remlinger Farms. We had no idea what to expect and figured it would be just a larger pumpkin patch. Boy were we wrong…

      This had to be the coolest place for toddlers through young children. It was a mini amusement park that had rides that were age appropriate, pony rides, a huge bouncy house, huge inflatable slide, a real train to ride, and more. Let’s just say we didn’t get a pumpkin.

      Back to last weeks post – Carter was going off of steam all day. He slept terribly the night before and didn’t take a nap until almost 2pm, but he did amazingly! It was super cold last Sunday (we had frost), so we got him bundled up in his stroller and started off.


      We started with a pony ride and Carter got to ride on Pumpkin. He loves horses when he looks at them, but he was not too sure about actually being on one…



      After the pony ride, we headed over to the roller coaster. I only got video of Carter on the rides and Jeremy hasn’t processed them yet, so we will have to wait a bit to see his face. When he got off the ride, he LOVED it. Same with the pumpkins (it was like the octopus ride at a fair, except slower and for smaller kids).

      We tried to get him to sleep for awhile and he wanted none of that, so we headed over to take a train ride.  He was hamming it up with Daddy as we rolled along the farm.


      We met back up with everyone else and headed to the teacups where Carter and Daddy hung out in line, trying to patiently wait their turn.


      After that, Daddy and Carter headed to the barn to pet then animals and then we finally got our photo in front of the height chart so that we can see how much Carter has grown each year.




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