This is one of the hardest posts I have ever written. It has taken me almost a week to even work up the courage to try to put something down because I know it will help me heal and as I am sitting here, I have tears streaming down my face.

      Last week Cutie Kitty was viciously attacked and killed by a coyote in the middle of the night. Our hearts are broken as she was such a beautiful light in our world. She was one of my favorite pets ever. Her personality was infectious – she would walk in a room, meow at you and then come snuggle. She would let everyone hold her, she was so gentle. Gavin would throw her over his shoulder and walk around with her everywhere. She would follow Gavin around the house, even out in the garden as he played. She was just good. Beautiful and good. Too beautiful and good for this world. And we loved her so very much.

      Our hearts just hurt. We are absolutely devastated and Gavin feels so lost without her. There is a hole in all of us that will never be filled and we are trying so hard to remember and love her always through all of our tears and heartache.

      I have been avoiding my database of photos because I couldn’t bear seeing any pictures of her. She was always a fun and willing subject, so I had a lot. And today I found that I needed to post the photos I have taken in March and April to remember her by so my heart can start trying to mend a little as I say goodbye.

      We love you Cutie Kitty. So very much. And will miss you always. You will forever be in a beautiful light in our hearts.