We headed to Mattawa again last weekend because I somehow agreed to ride an Enduro Race with my brother Mark if he did a half marathon with me. Still not sure what I was thinking, especially since I haven’t been on a dirt bike in two and a half years. I started like a granny, but by the end of the trip I was in second gear and up on the pegs!

      While we were there, Carter had a great time on his bike as well. He seems to be doing a lot better with the bike now (for awhile there we couldn’t get him near it because of the noise). This trip he wanted to ride or sit on it most of the time! In the video you can see Jeremy and Ryan trying to help him, he is doing great!!

      We didn’t bring our video camera, so I shot this with my 5D Mark II. Not too bad for not really knowing what I am doing with it.


      Doing an enduro race sounds a lot easier than doing a half marathon, so I think you got the better end of that stick! Sounds like you had fun!

      Uhhh, I dunno about that! Have you ever been in a motorcycle race with a bunch of men on a course that sucks beyond sucks? My heart rate from hoping I don’t get hit or cause an accident makes me rather run a full marathon!! Lololol