Carter did it again! Yesterday during some tummy time on our oversize ottoman Carter kicked himself over!  Granted he got stuck on his side for a little while, but with Mommy cheering for him, he finally kicked all the way over!  I think that since the ottoman is a little squishy and not a hard surface it is a bit easier for him to do it (hence why so early).  But the good part of that is that he gets used to the motion.

      Our sleep plan is working like a charm – he goes down between 9:30-10:30 at night and then like clockwork wakes up at 4am.  Though last night he made it to 4:30 (hoping this will start extending as he gets older).  So I have committed to pumping after every feeding in order to get enough milk for the last one of the day and hopefully increase my supply so that we can start banking it for when I begin to wean him off of me in August.  I told myself that I would give it a week to see if I create enough to even be worth it and after one full day, my body seems to be adjusting a bit already.  Would be great to have enough to get him through six months, but man, it does suck having to pump 5 times a day.