This year we are late with everything. And I have let some things go (like our Christmas party and sending Christmas cards). But one thing that we both agreed needed to be done was getting a photo with Santa this year.

      Anticipating the worst, because Carter has lately become more shy around people, we did a LOT of prep for this one. “What are you going to ask for from Santa?” and “You get to sit on his lap and tell him what you want!” We figured that we were going to get photos of him sobbing hysterically with one of us in there, trying to get him to just stay put.

      On the car ride there, Carter decided that he needed to ask for a “Race Car” so we practiced saying “Race Car please!” And then out of no where Carter goes, “Santa Boop!” A game that we play with Carter to get him comfortable around people is to have him “Boop” their nose – he basically touches his fingertip gently on the end of a persons nose and goes “BOOP!” So he decided that he wanted to Boop Santa’s nose.

      The line was short – only a few folks ahead of us, which actually was a good thing so that he could watch what the bigger kids did. Then it was our turn and he marched right up to Santa and I put him on Santa’s lap and Jeremy and I walked away. He sat there a little shell-shocked at first, then Jeremy reminded him to tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas and Carter turned and looked Santa full on in the face and quietly said, “Race Car Please.” It was SO sweet and cute and we were really proud of him! No tears at all!

      So here is Christmas 2010 with Santa:

      Waiting in Line:


      It is SO HARD to stand still!


      And finally, here he is with Santa:


      Happy Holidays Everyone!


      Wow – that time together is more important than Christmas cards or Christmas baking. Let all the expectations go and enjoy the season. No one will be hurt if they don’t get a card and I know a great source of Chinese take out for a family meal.

      I know you won’t follow that advice. So just remember – whatever you do, only do it because it makes you feel good. Your family just love having the opportunity to be with you.