It was 41 degrees this morning at our house and I think it is safe to say that Autumn is peeking out at us, showing her face every so often, then hiding for a little while. I am guessing that in another week or two she will be here in full force, which I am actually looking forward to. While our summer took awhile to get here, there is something about this time of year that has always been completely magical for me. I love the change in the air where nights and mornings are cold and crisp, I love watching the leaves go from green to the golden or bright colors, I love lighting candles and fires and making homemade soups and snuggling under a blanket. The coziness of fall always wraps her arms around me, glowing warm and bright and leaving me content. And I know I will love fall even more when my children start going to school, hahaha.

      Here is the first sign of change in the yard. The leaves at the top are changing from green into a yellow and orange and the sun hitting it in the mid morning highlighted the changes.



      Your “I love” narrative was magical, I felt like I was wrapped in a noted author’s emotions. Then you got me back to earth with your ha, ha note.