Photos from my phone throughout the month.

      <Fall means pumpkin spice coffee! Looking like an alien getting my hair colored, Carter at Pre-K orientation, boys playing, haircuts with color, dinner with our old neighbors, fall rolling in with fog>September1

      <First day of pre-K drop off – Carter didn’t want to hug Gavin good bye, walking the trail with more fog and crazy spider webs, my brother Scott with his striking expressions, I found white rocks lined up on the couch (huh?!), swim lessons, washing hands at the sink all by himself, and the boys cuddling up under blankets in the morning – it’s getting colder!>September2

      <My anniversary present – a new camera bag! Date night with Denise & March at the Sounders Game, driving to Poulsbo, the ferry ride, and the Seahawks game once home>September3

      <Carters Skylander puzzles that were NOT easy, Gavin’s unusual sleeping position, rides at the Puyallup Fair, Ice Cream, Crazy morning hair, play dough, Carter’s unusual sleeping position (yes, that is a small tent over his head), swimming is getting better, and spicy chili for the UW/Arizona game where the storms raged outside>September4