Making sure I get those photos off my phone!

      <September marked school starting – Kindergarten for Carter, Paw Patrol FINALLY has some toys out, we celebrated our 7th anniversary with dinner at the Salish Lodge, a beautifully warm fall means coffee in the morning on the deck and wine at the fire pit at night, swimming started back up, our last snuggle in the cacoon>


      <More swimming, riding our bikes and trikes outside, my wonderful latte, Snohomish waterpark, preschool started for Gavin, then there was that one time that Carter was in his room for two and a half days straight because he wouldn’t clean the mess he made in a fit of anger, fall leaves, our last tomato crop, the rains returning & date night>


      <Leavenworth half marathon, breakfast at Maltby Café, random things found around the house, Halloween decorations, Fall is coming, new glasses & hair>


      <Carter took our photo, Gavin and his friend Lily, coffee by myself, new boots, new Madden, Gavin the pirate, Carter sharing Gavin at school, pumpkins, candy corn cocktail, crazy face, fun Halloween food, the witch is in, and Carter’s last share day on Halloween!