Yesterday while laying on the floor with a crowd around him, Carter held onto his first toy for an extended period of time!  I have been trying to get him to do that all week and apparently it took cousin Melissa and Auntie Kimmy’s encouragement to get him to do it!  Of course everyone had to watch and cheer, too.  He certainly has the whole family wrapped around his little finger :-)

      We also had our first 4-hour stretch of sleep at night on Friday night and then a 5-hour stretch on Saturday night!  I was scared that it would be an anomaly, but he continued it with another 5-hour stretch last night too!  He starts fussing around 4 hours, but isn’t quite awake yet, and tends to go another hour or so.  I think we might be getting on a better schedule!!

      And on Saturday, Daddy got to feed Carter for the first time with a bottle.  Carter took it without a problem and sucked it down fast, so we will have to make sure that we don’t overfeed when using the bottle.  Now I really get to resume my cow-duties with pumping a lot.  Good fun….

      We have also discovered that Carters favorite activity while awake is laying on his back & kicking his legs and waving his arms everywhere while looking around.  Its fun to see his kicking action OUTSIDE of the womb!!



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