Several months ago I learned that Jeremy declined a golf trip to Idaho with the guys for a weekend. After chatting with him more on the topic, I encouraged him to go – he hasn’t been going out much with his friends and he needed to make sure that he still was preserving his “me” time on top of it. So Thursday night his buddy from college, Maynard, and his fiancé Aubry flew into town and friday morning everyone headed out to Idaho, leaving Carter and I home alone for the weekend.

      Carter has been transitioning into the Thomas bed, so night #1 he slept directly in front of the door on the floor. Night #2, he slept on the floor directly next to the bed. Night #3, he started on the floor, I moved him to his bed, but he woke up in the middle of the night, and would have gone back to the floor, but I realized if you stayed with him until he went back to sleep, he would actually stay in the bed. We are making some progress, but he still isn’t quite there yet…

      We had some fantastic snuggle time, fun play time together, and all in all it was a wonderful weekend. We ran a bunch of errands, got the pumpkins for the front porch, a few more new Halloween decorations, it was a lot of fun. Carter only melted down a couple of times when he was hungry or tired – Saturday he slept like a champ during the day, so I ended sitting in his room from 3:30-4:30am when he didn’t want to sleep that night.

      I tried a new baked potato soup recipe on Sunday night when everyone got back from golf. It took about six times longer than what they recommended, but it was delicious! I will definitely be making this one again on Halloween!

      Carter’s funny new trick for the weekend was when he kept saying “T O Toy” over and over again. It was on the second showing of Toy Story where I realized this is what Woody says to Buzz at one point. Now we are working on adding the “Y” in there!

      Now it is Daddy’s turn to single parent – this latest post comes from my hotel room in Santa Clara, California. It is supposed to be 88 here tomorrow … um, I don’t have maternity clothes that are summer like! Thank goodness I can still fit into some of my larger pairs of dressy capris!



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