I am late on getting this post out, things have been beyond crazy since my return to work. Here is our list of favorite things about Gavin and a couple of photos:

      • Gavin looks like he is swimming on land when he tries to crawl. We blame the jumperoo – You know he is thinking, "How come you can’t move horizontally like that when you can vertically go to town??"
      • Oh the Jumperoo – I have never seen a kid so thoroughly enjoy a one and jump so fast and so much. It is to the point of getting a blister on the tip of his toe and wearing a hole through a pair of his PJs.
      • While Gavin has been a wonderfully mellow and easy going baby, he is starting to get frustrated more these days when he can’t move. First it starts out as little cries, then he moves into full on yells.
      • He has found his voice and thinks it is the coolest thing ever to sit and scream in short bursts. Unfortunately Carter likes it too and starts screaming back at him and then they both start laughing. He also is experimenting with stringing sounds together, “Bababa, dadadada.”
      • Gavin loves toys – Carter typically couldn’t care less about toys (unless Gavin or someone else has them), but Gavin loves playing with stuffed animals, anything that makes noise, you name it.
      • He is such a happy kid overall – he has happy squeals all day long and when he gets excited he flails his arms and legs like crazy
      • He loves his food and cries like you’ve just killed his puppy if you take too long to feed him.
      • One of our favorite things is how happy he is in his crib when he wakes up. He will just play there until someone comes and get him. Even putting him down for sleep at night is easy – he rolls around until he gets comfortable and just falls asleep. Naps are a different story though.

      And here he is, peeping out from his Moses basket: