Where has the time gone?  Carter has hit his 6-week birthday today and we think that he may be marking the occasion with a growth spurt.  He is feeding more frequently – we have done every two hours a couple of times from last night to today, which is unusual. 

      His little personality is slowly starting to show up.  Carter has perfected his “mad cry” when he is overly tired and fights sleep.  It’s kinda a toss up between a cry and a yell :-)  We are also working on putting him down before he is fully out so that he learns to fall asleep on his own.  Jeremy is much better at this than I am, I can’t handle hearing him upset and immediately pick him up to comfort him.  I have finally figured out a way to make it work though – I get him close to sleep & put him down and hold the pacifier in his mouth until he crashes.  There is no crying and I am not holding him, rocking him, etc. but only giving him the pacifier so that he is comforted.

      He is tracking objects & showing more interest in toys and is smiling when he focuses on someone’s face long enough.  He also found his thumb and we are working hard to make sure that he gets his pacifier instead of his thumb (which is easier said than done – thankfully he is swaddled tight at night!).  My theory – I can throw away a pacifier, I don’t want to have to cut off his thumb ;-)  We will get him weighed before his bath tonight to see how much he is growing!

      I kicked off my landscaping project yesterday & purchased two truckloads of landscaping bricks.  Going to likely have to go back for a lot more in order to build up my dahlia bed.  Jeremy also suggested putting the brick around the island in the middle of the front lawn, which will finish one part of the yard off.  I am thinking of doing the bed along the driveway as well and then we have everything contained nicely.  We shall see how motivated I am ;-)