I decided this week that it was time to buy some slip on shoes.  I can still barely get to my feet (usually involves using a stool) and this isn’t going to get any better over the course of the next few weeks.  I also realized while walking to the office the other day that I really do think I am getting bigger by the day now.  Thankfully I am not waddling, but still, I am quickly becoming taken over by the munchkin. 

      Baby is now a whoopin 4.75lbs!  No wonder I can’t reach my feet anymore!  Also 18 inches long and filling out nicely.  We are at Week 34 and I really can’t believe we have only six more weeks.  Sounds like I am also going to start to get more and more tired leading up to the big day.  We have our “Coping with Labor” class on Saturday and then are going to head to babiesrus to pick up a changing table and the glider.

      Funny thing of the week was when there was either an elbow or a heel sticking out of my side, just hanging out there.  Jeremy came over and pushed back at it pretty hard and I swear the baby jumped over to the other side of my belly!