One of the biggest indicators of Spring here in the Pacific Northwest is the Tulip Festival in Skagit Valley. There are fields upon fields of the most vibrant color you can imagine. We headed out there over the weekend with high hopes of getting some footage with our DJI Phantom II drone as well as some amazing photos of the boys surrounded by all the gorgeous color.

      Of course neither worked out.

      There were only three fields in bloom – the flowers were extremely early this year with our mild winter and warm spring. When we finally made it to one of the fields and asked permission for the drone, they gave us a flat out no. So off we went to see the field for some photos. Sadly the field ended up being so small – maybe the size of two football fields, which is nothing compared to when ALL the fields are in bloom. At least there was a vast array of color within it though. And then the boys *sigh* would. not. cooperate. I did what I could getting as many photos as I could with them in tow. I have quite a few “tolerating this” type looks from them (or just silly faces). I tried to get some shots of flowers without the crowds, but that too was nearly impossible.

      We didn’t stay long at the tulip field, deciding that ice cream in La Conner was a better option for our afternoon. I will do a separate post on that, however – there were more photos of tulips than I realized! Enjoy!


      TulipFestival-1 TulipFestival-2 TulipFestival-3 TulipFestival-4 TulipFestival-5 TulipFestival-6 TulipFestival-7 TulipFestival-8 TulipFestival-9 TulipFestival-10 TulipFestival-11




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