Carter is back in some funky sleep habits. I think there were too many disruptions from staying with Grandma to active evenings with family and friends that put us in a not-so-great space for his sleep routine.

      He has been taking FOREVER to fall asleep at night and needs either Jeremy or I in the room for him to get to that point. Over the last three days, we have been clocking 9:00, 9:30, even 10pm bedtimes. This from a kid who could barely make it past 7pm a few months ago. Last night was a doozie though – he woke up at 1am and wouldn’t fall into a deep enough sleep to let Jeremy or I head back to bed … that meant one of us (mainly Jeremy) stayed in his room until almost 5am.

      So now we are re-evaluating our sleep routine and strategy and sadly, I think we need to let him cry it out again because he is just fighting it with everything he has anyway. Nothing like tackling no sleep on a holiday break… I am contemplating a second cup of coffee today.