Carter is really starting to become more and more independent and helpful. He likes to have some cheerios in his own little bowl in the morning, sitting at his kids table. So now when he asks for them, I ask him to go to the pantry to get the bag of cheerios and bring them to me. I put them in the bowl and then ask Carter to put the bag of cheerios away and shut the pantry door. Then VERY carefully Carter walks with his little bowl of cheerios to his table where he plunks down and eats them. Such a huge change from trying to quarantine him in his high chair for eating all the time!!

      Yesterday I did a shopping trip with Grandma without the kiddo, but around noon, Jeremy calls me and says, “So. I gave Carter a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch today. A full one, not one that was cut up. He did a great job eating it and I was sitting behind him working on the computer while he finished up. After awhile I realized that he was holding the same piece of sandwich in the same place, so I went around to the front to take a look and he had completely fallen asleep while eating.”

      I had always known that every kid does that eventually and it’s too bad Jeremy didn’t get pictures or video!

      When I got home from shopping, Carter was coming down the stairs with his drill where he had just helped daddy disassemble the bed in Little Brothers room (trying to now make room for all the baby stuff again). Apparently Carter was extremely helpful drilling his little drill along side daddy.

      When and HOW did he get so big??



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