I survived my first soccer game last night, though everything that I did was pretty much in slow motion, haha.  It was highly amusing to be totally aware of the fact that any sort of move that I normally could execute really well was about 10 times slower than my normal speed – I could pull it off, but it didn’t necessarily lead to the normal advantages that I would have.  Thankfully we played a weaker team, so I had plenty of opportunity to rest and I didn’t look too ridiculous out there.  My lungs did better this time out and I am going to try to run this week to keep it up.  The best part of playing was that I finally felt like my body was mine again – it is hard to describe … you more or less go from being a “host” to another being while pregnant, to then being a milk machine.  This was the first time I felt normal and like my old self, which was fantastic.  I hope to keep playing!

      Some sad news on the Grandpa front (my grandfather) – he was admitted to the hospital yesterday and was diagnosed with pneumonia.  He has beat it before, but this time he is much weaker, so we aren’t sure what will happen.

      To end with happier news – I am officially on baby watch!  Carrie has her scheduled C-Section for her twin boys in TWO WEEKS!!! EEEEE!!!  And Bethany is due with her little girl in a little over three weeks … can’t wait to get the news since they could all arrive anytime now!!


      yeah it’s nice to be able to focus on (read: be distracted by) Carrie, but once the boys come & I realize I’m next, pretty sure I’ll wet myself. LOL

      I’m reading and get to the end and it’s like, "Carrie has her scheduled c-section…" WAIT, THAT’S MEEEE!!! ;-)