It has been a busy week – the weather has been really nice, the sun has been out, and my dirt pile is now about two-thirds gone. All seven of the raised beds have been filled. I re-did the edging around the greenhouse (moles suck) and leveled it up, then filled it with more dirt. The dahlia bed has been dug down and is waiting for new dirt. One of the six garden areas that I want to put new dirt in has been weeded and filled (only five to go!) and I am on track to get that pile gone by this next weekend. Especially since we are going to be seeing close to 70 degrees this next week. Next up is pressure washing the front porch, sidewalk, driveway, back patio, and all the patio/outdoor furniture so that we are ready for summer. Then draining and cleaning the pond/waterfall, then planting all the flowers for the summer, sanding and re-staining our adirondack chairs, and finally pressure washing and re-staining the deck. Tired yet? Me too and I am only a little way through it. I will post photos soon of all the work that we have done.

      At least I have smiley kids helping me through it all – they have been great playing outside this last week while I get things done. Of course we have had our fair share of fighting and melt-downs, but there has also been some pretty awesome times where they play in the dirt piles together or pretend on the swing set.