Just tying up some loose ends before heading back to work tomorrow and figured I would let folks know that we have another 3-4 inches of snow.  Started around 4pm and has been going nonstop.  Apparently it is supposed to warm up in the middle of the night to the low 40s, so hopefully that means only wet roads by tomorrows commute.

      Had a good weekend – we finished organizing our rooms upstairs so that our spare room actually IS a spare room now and all the baby stuff that we have so far is in the baby’s room and set up.  And the office is FINALLY clean!  Met up with Shawna and Denise (and mom) for coffee today to start talking about a baby shower.  Can’t believe it isn’t that far away now … we need to get our act together and figure out a registry now.  Was nice having an afternoon with the girls – always good to catch up, though they were both surprised that I hadn’t popped more.  I think I look huge!  Only 11 more weeks – we are officially on a countdown.