Carrie had the twins on Tuesday – two beautiful little boys (Henry Marcus @ 6lbs 1oz & Matthew Martin @ 6lbs 12oz) and it sounds like everyone is doing wonderfully!  AND I just got a message that Bethany is being induced tomorrow morning!!!  EEEEEE!!!!  I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for these lovely little babies to arrive and they are FINALLY here!  Congrats Carrie and good luck B!!!

      The other big news tonight is that Carter totally inadvertently rolled over all by himself!!  I bought a Baby Einstein play mat that has toys overhead because he is getting so interested in toys these days and this is a great way to stimulate that little mind.  When we placed him on his tummy on it, he first kicked himself forward about 6-8 inches all by himself.  His legs did all the work on that, his arms are total deadweight (haha).  After he kicked himself forward, he kicked himself completely over!  Totally not on purpose, but still scary that at 9 1/2 weeks he had his first “roll over”.

      We also had our first boat trip on Thursday!  I will post photos and video later in the weekend to share our adventure.

      I need to run, but CONGRATS to Carrie & John, welcome to the world Henry & Matthew!  Good Luck B & Mo!  Can’t wait to see Pinkerton and find out her name!!  xoxo to you all!