The last two weeks have been … eventful. I am fine, baby is fine (no early labor expected), we just made a major life decision.

      Our plan had always been to move in the next 2-3 years. About two weeks ago Jeremy did some analysis and came to the conclusion that if we were going to move, now would be the time. The market should hit an all-time low this year (sucks for selling, but great for us to move into the next step up home), once the housing market starts to rebound, the interest rates are likely going to go up with it, and the stock market is actually doing well (that is where the majority of a down payment is for us). Financially, all signs pointed to doing this sooner rather than later.

      So we started the ball rolling, initially thinking that if we got our house on the market in June that would be great. Then we talked to our real estate agent. Her recommendation was middle of April.

      Holy Shit.

      An infant. A cranky two year old (oh yes, my sweet child has been replaced by the devil lately). Getting a house ready to put on the market. Keeping it show-worthy until it sells while dealing with an infant and cranky two year old.

      Holy Shit.

      I think this is one of the most insane things we have ever tried to do.

      I wish I could say we didn’t know any better, but, we do.

      We learned Thursday about this nutty timeline so this weekend we set to work and got a tremendous amount accomplished. Jeremy and I combed through our closets and dressers and now have a LOAD of clothes to donate. We took the clothes that we knew we wouldn’t wear and vacuum packed them for storage.

      Jeremy pulled a bunch of boxes out of the attic that were “memory” boxes and I spent most of Sunday going through all the old keepsakes and photos that I had. I love digital photos – I threw out a garbage bag full of old photos I took when I was learning how to use my Nikon Film SLR.

      I also hung onto some really funny stuff – all my old “love letters” from boyfriends in high school and college. Old papers that I had written. Drawings from when I was about 9. All the high school newspapers from when I was a writer, then editor. My favorite item in the bunch – I had saved all the old cards that came with flowers that were sent to me over the years. All the different guys would say something sweet or romantic. The one that I kept from Jeremy said, “I hope this makes you feel better so you aren’t so petulant.”

      And I married that guy.