So far the weekend at the cabin has been a ton of fun.  We got in around 7ish on Friday night, made dinner and played “Squirtle” (better known as Nertz) and Apples to Apples.  Carter had the meltdown of all meltdowns in the car on the ride up – I think that he is now going through separation anxiety.  He seemed to freak anytime Jeremy or I would leave the room.  Thankfully now he knows Melissa, Gabrielle, and Steven, so it isn’t quite so bad :)

      Saturday we got a lazy start – the kids slept in a bit and we tried to keep Carter as quiet as we could.  Unfortunately that can be difficult when he just learned how to scream to express himself!  I think everyone rolled down around 8:30 or so.  We played Settlers of Catan after breakfast, then everyone pulled themselves and headed to Leavenworth.  It was POURING down rain, so I armed the kids with an umbrella, some cash for lunch and dropped them off to explore on their own.  I drove to a side street and read a book for the next two hours – I wasn’t going out in that mess!  They seemed to have a great time, found the Skorupa Coat of Arms in a shop in town and bags full of candy for the ride home.

      Dinner, chatting, and more Squirtle followed that night and this morning is lazy again.  We will try to head out early this afternoon in order to get the kids home at a decent time.  I think I may try to get the kids out for a walk this morning and take some photos outside with them – yesterday was way too rainy for it!

      Big event this morning though – Carter was standing up at the ottoman and I sat next to him and held out my hand for him to turn and grab onto.  He grabbed it and took a step all by himself and held himself upright … this is just nuts.  I give him another month to a month and a half before he is walking!