<<I took a ton of photos this trip and figured the easiest thing to do is segment them out by day … with one day getting broken up into two posts to make sure people don’t get sick of scrolling>>

      It is always good to leave the rain for the sunshine!!

      We made it to our little cottage in the middle of Sonoma. This was the craziest little place – we drove around a neighborhood where it didn’t appear to be necessarily the nicest part of town. We pulled into a small gated drive, parked and then followed another gated path down some steps into our own little garden oasis along a creek. The cottage had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lovely little kitchen and common area.

      I had to do a quick check in at home and poor Mazy didn’t understand where the heck I was!

      And then we meandered around until we found the first wave of the soccer team that arrived. An enjoyable dinner where my cheeks hurt from laughing so much!



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