Once all the soccer finished up, we headed back to our little garden cottage so mom could get a snack, some wine and showered & changed before we headed out to do a little wine tasting and meet up with everyone for dinner. A couple of things to note… we started at Kunde Winery and were sitting outside when this monster thunder storm rolled through. The dark clouds along the sky behind the hill with the sun still partially shining on the grape vines at the Kunde Vineyard was gorgeous. It was hard to pick just one of those photos, so you get several.

      Once the rain hit, we took shelter in the main area of the winery. As we were sitting there, enjoying our tastings with two other couples, my mom decided she needed a snack and reached over to grab some crackers that were in their package. The couple next to us watched her, their eyes growing larger as she happily chomped away at these crackers and when I looked over, I gasped and said, “MOM! They BOUGHT those and you just randomly stole them!” Of course she was mortified. Of course the couple thought it was the funniest thing ever. But they were still grossed out enough to give her the crackers because they didn’t want them anymore, haha.

      Here are a few photos of a winery that we went to the day before as well. It was a neat atmosphere, but we were less than impressed with the way it was run. We arrived 45 minutes to close and were turned away. Coming from Woodinville Wine Country where EVERYONE is always welcome all the way up to close, this was a bit of a disappointment. But the grounds sure were gorgeous…

      And while I am concluding our trip, my account didn’t even touch on when the cops got called because there was a knife thrown, how I got pulled over on the way to the airport, the degree of disbelief from people that my mom was in California to play soccer… so many funny memories… what happens in Sonoma, stays in Sonoma perhaps?

      And last, but not least, here is a fun video that my husband  helped to pull together from the raw video footage I grabbed, combined with some photo highlights. Enjoy:

      2017-06-09 – Sacramento Soccer – We are family from Lisa Halbert on Vimeo.



      Lisa, first, you are a fantastic photographer, second, you are great with words and descriptions and third, you were so much fun to have along. You tolerated us old “ladies” so well and we so enjoyed you. Thank you for all these memories and hopefully you will want to attend another of our “adventures”. Hope to see you soon.
      Linda A