There is so much I want to say about this trip … the funny stories, the laughter, the soccer, the police … so many entertaining memories.

      But the serious thing I want to start with … this group of women is phenomenal. My mom started playing soccer when she turned 30 and she met many of these women in the next few years after that. These women have witnessed all aspects of life with one another. Marriages, babies, divorces, illnesses, deaths, grandchildren, everything and they have been there for each other. The amount of love, support and general understanding of each personality within this group leaves me in awe. And being around them filled my heart with so much joy – I cannot be more thankful that my mom has this incredible group of women in her life and that I got to share a weekend with them.

      Oh, and I didn’t mention their awesomeness as a soccer team. I can say with the utmost confidence, “I aspire to this.” I want to be able to continue playing this sport well into my retired years and they have shown me, well everyone really, the path of possibility. You don’t mess with these ladies!

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      Ladies of Soccer