While our poor friends back east have been getting hammered with cold and snow, we have been enjoying one of the warmest and driest winters I can remember. Daffodils are blooming already, trees are starting to leaf out and the bright yellow of my Forsythia is already starting to show along the trail. The nights still have a bite in the air, but our temperatures have been getting into the 60s around here. The boys have been enjoying afternoons outside, either riding bikes or scooters out front or attacking bad guys throughout the yard out back. They often are reluctant to come inside when the final call for dinner arises, with their hands are ice cold and cheeks bright red. They are just having too much fun. This summer is going to be a wonderful one with those two.

      Here are a few photos of our afternoon earlier this week – the boys were trying to collect flowers to stock pile back and forth across our cul-de-sac as I wandered around with them. The flowers are crocus from our neighbors yard, love the deep purple set against the green. Ah Spring, I am ready for warm days now!