Both kids have been to the doctors … a lot. Well, Gavin more than Carter, but I am sick of doctors offices. I wanted to pass along all the different stats that we have received on both kids.

      Carter’s 2 year appointment:
      Height: 34” (40th percentile)
      Weight: 29.8 lbs: (70th percentile)
      Head Circumference: 19.3 (60th percentile)

      Gavin’s 3 day appointment:
      Height: 21” (92nd percentile)
      Weight: 8lbs 4.5oz (80th percentile)
      Head Circumference: 14.25 (65th percentile)

      Gavin’s 2 week, 3 day appointment:
      Height: 21.5” (90th percentile)
      Weight: 8lbs 8.5oz (50th percentile … this seems odd, but maybe kids pack on the weight by the second week and Gavin has been struggling to regain)
      Head Circumference: 15 (75th percentile … and I don’t trust this measurement because the gal didn’t really seem to know what she was doing)

      So the take-aways: Carter is a tank and Gavin is stinkin’ tall. Baby Brother may end up giving Big Brother a run for his money in the height department. We also got the clear to stop pinning Gavin’s arm in a week and that he can start doing tummy time now, so we are making progress!