Height: 30.25” (70th percentile) (9 mo checkup he was 28.75”, 73%)
      Weight: 23lbs (52nd percentile) (9 mo checkup he was 20lbs, 15oz, 55%)
      Head: 47cm (70th percentile) (9 mo checkup he was 46cm, 74%)

      We packed all the bottles away today – only sippy cups from here on out.  We will finish out the formula we have and then switch him to a toddler formula for a last drink at night – the vitamins in the formula are really good for him.  Once we stop with the toddler formula, we will have to supplement with a kids vitamin to make sure that he gets everything he needs.

      The doctor was amazed at Carter’s physical development.  She couldn’t believe that had could kick a ball and we showed her his football video.  We let her know how well he understands concepts (when you say bye-bye, he waves and says car, etc). She also said he was verbally advanced, which really surprised me.  I guess most kids only can say “mamama and dadadada” and maybe one or two other words.  She asked us to start tracking Carters words (so far we have kitty, duck, car, kick, pop, yah, dadadada and other strung together sounds).

      Ultimately she said his development is more closely matched to an 18 month old and she never would encourage parents of a 12 month old to do this, but she said we should buy a potty for Carter to sit on and get used to.  Given how quickly he tries things and how much he understands, she thought it would be great to just get him comfortable.  Start out with just sitting him on it in his diaper whenever one of us needed to use the bathroom (we go, then tell him it is his turn).  Eventually we can try removing his diaper to see what happens.  All of this is just to get him comfortable with the concept though – no miracles!

      So there you have it – I am so teary-eyed that my baby is getting so big!