Quite the title, I know, but we have had a very active day today.  Carter took his first unassisted step!  I was picking him up at my parents and was sitting in a chair in the living room while he was cruising along the coffee table.  He got to the end where I was so I held out my hand for him to grab hold of, but dropped it a little when he went to reach for it.  He ended up taking a step all by himself until he got to me.  It was AWESOME!  (I know I will regret that sentiment later when I am exhausted from chasing him, but right now it is so cool :-)

      We have all been battling sickness this week.  Jeremy had an ear infection, Carter caught a cold while I was gone, and now I am pretty confident I have one too.  It is horrible when Carter is sick, except for one part.  My kid that never sits still is all the sudden snuggly.  He laid his head on my chest and fell asleep there and it was so wonderful.

      All this cold weather has now gotten the better of us.  I was working at the couch late this afternoon when I heard this horrid noise that didn’t stop.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that we had a burst pipe, so I rushed into the garage to turn the water off.  Thankfully I got to it within a minute or so, but there is water everywhere and we have no idea where it originated.  Merry Christmas to us – bet this isn’t going to be cheap :-(


      I love that you blog!


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