Fall is here. We had *maybe* two months of good weather this summer, but the end of August and most of September have been cooler and wetter than normal. Usually I am not bothered by it so much, because I love the fall and the change of seasons. However this year I just need four days of sunshine and loveliness. Why? I WANT MY HOUSE PAINTED!

      The pressure washers came on friday, getting things all cleaned up. They did swatches of the color for us and everything is looking great. But now it has been pouring and it is supposed to last through Monday. We then get a two day break and it is back for the foreseeable future. It needs to stop. Now.


      For the above colors. the charcoal grey will be the main body color, the white is the trim, and the red will be the door. It will be a dramatic difference from what we currently have (which is the light grey the swatches are painted on), barely any white trim (only really around the windows, the cornerboards were not done), and a white door. Of course I will post before and after photos if it ever happens…

      Funny Carter Story of the Week:
      Grandpa was out of town Wednesday through Friday with Uncle Scott on their first Adventure Ride on their motorcycles. On friday when Carter got back inside the house from taking a walk with Grandma, he started looking for “PA!” Grandma explained that Grandpa wasn’t here right now, so Carter walked over to the front door, opened it and stuck his head out and yelled, “CHARLES?!”