The weekend Jeremy has been talking about for a year is finally here!  The Dirtyface dual sport ride is on Saturday and Grandpa, Uncle Mark, and Jeremy are set to ride.  Grandma and Grandpa picked us up yesterday afternoon in the expedition and we almost had to take two cars.  It looked like we were trying to pop a wheelie because we were so loaded down with gear and the bike on the back end.  People would have figured we had a “buck” hydraulic set up if we drove through downtown Renton (a shout out to Lil C on SYTYCD).

      We made it after stopping for dinner at Alpen Drive In – a awesome little burger shack where you can order a chicken, bacon, ranch sandwich … um, could there be a more perfect combination?  We made it to the cabin just right as it was getting dark – the absolute worst time possible to arrive.  The neighborhood sprayed for mosquito’s on Tuesday, but it usually takes a few days to kill them off and they get worse before they get better.  As we got out of the car, these creatures that looked like prehistoric raptors due to the size of their “straw” swarmed us and tried to carry us off.

      Best part of the day yesterday was that Carter found his voice – we will post video of that early next week.  He is so stinking cute!

      Now we are waiting for Uncle Mark to arrive – with Champaign in the fridge and a beer ready to hand off immediately, we are celebrating his first major release in his new job at xbox.  I think that he hasn’t slept much in the last week and got over 1000 emails in two days … have I mentioned I don’t miss work at all?? :-)


      You guys look great! Carter is growing so fast! Such a cutie!