Sadly this weekend was supposed to be hanging out with the Petersons & their three children (Cora, 3, and Dane & Nate, who are 6 weeks older than Carter).  The twins ended up with bad ear infections and going over the pass (where your ears may or may not pop) wasn’t a good idea.  So this weekend ended up just being us up here.

      It has been a super lazy weekend all around.  Carter stayed in his PJs all day on Saturday and the only reason I left the cabin was to get in my 9 mile run that I didn’t make last weekend because I was sick.  This winter has been really mild with snow, so the roads were fairly clear at the cabin and I figured that I could run up towards Trinity & the Goose Creek Camp Ground.  When I got to the main road that leads up there, it was only plowed to the entrance of the snow park, so I ended up doing a one mile run from the entrance to the road that The Midway is on.  Over and over and over.  I think the people with cabins along that road thought I was crazy because they saw me going back and forth until I got my nine miles in.  But I did it – my time was okay (1:31).  And I forgot advil (which is a necessity for me for anything over about six miles).  Needless to say, I am REALLY sore today – my knees hurt and I only played soccer on Monday and didn’t do a long run last weekend, so I am paying for it!

      So Carter has started waking up in the middle of the night recently.  At first we thought it was because he was sick and teething (poor little guy), but now we have come to the conclusion that he is realizing when we aren’t there and it freaks him out.  Oh, and he just doesn’t like sleeping because he has way more important things to do!  So we have been letting him cry it out at night in his room …. way down the hall.

      At the cabin, where it is still a bit unfamiliar, we decided that he would likely be more comfortable in the same room as us at night.  However, he still doesn’t like sleeping and he refused to be consoled back to sleep when he would wake up.  So needless to say, the last two nights have been letting him cry it out.  In the same room.  COFFEE IS MY BEST FRIEND.  We are so tired!

      Today we are packing everything up and heading home where Grandma and Grandpa are chomping at the bit for us to arrive.  They finally returned from their three week trip and I think Grandma almost kept driving to the cabin to see us.  Well, not us, to see Carter.  We were told what our place is ;-)  I will post photos when I get home!