Mary and Todd headed out at the crack of dawn Sunday morning – poor Todd had to work in Seattle at 9am and Mary had to work as well.  We started our day with a big breakfast and another game of Killer Bunnies, figuring we need to let the day start heating up before heading to the beach.

      We headed to the beach where it was like an attack of the killer bees the whole time.  We later found out there was a bee hive in the log right behind us.  NIIICE.  The water was cold cold cold, but still refreshingly nice once you were out in it for a little while (my theory – you numbed up eventually).  Nikki and I braved it for a swim for a little while, going towards the deep end until Nikki’s feet couldn’t touch anymore, then turning around and walking with our hands in the shallow end.  It’s been a long time since I have played in the water like that – was fun to be a little kid again :-)  We also spent some serious time making “mud pies” with the sand.  The beach was really more pebbles, but there was sand once you were in the water and out a ways.  We filled up our pail with that, then brought it into the shore to make one serious mud pie on a log.

      That evening we took the kids riding – Carter tracked the motorbikes racing by as Nikki learned how to ride the 50, Ryan kept crashing his 4-stroke, and daddy got stuck going up a hill where his back tire dug in and he didn’t go anywhere.  Everyone had a lot of fun before heading back to the cabin for dinner and more games before bed.

      Monday Mark and Kim came up – the super-secret spot was taken, so they opted for two sites together to make one spacious larger site.  We got them settled, handed the kids off, we had a relaxing and uneventful evening at the cabin.  Jeremy and Mark met up for a guys ride through the trails and after Jeremy got back, we started Flight of the Concords, Season 2.

      Tuesday was nice and relaxing.  We spent a lot of time on the screened porch with Carter.  He is using his exer-saucer and loving it.  He is now consistently getting his little bottom in the air and is starting to rock – the first signs for crawling.  He also is sitting without any support for extended periods of time (like 5 minutes).  He gets wobbly when he tires though and still hasn’t learn the art of falling over!  But he is doing great!!!  Mark and Kim were able to score the super-secret spot today, so they are set by the river for the rest of the week!

      Grandma and Grandpa and the Berry’s are all heading up here tomorrow – should be fun!