This last Sunday we headed over to Poulsbo to catch up with Chip, Sandy, and the kids. It’s always exciting to take the ferry and on the way over we scored a prime spot right up in the front. We had a ton of fun with the family and tried to beat the Seahawks traffic home and instead got caught in a two plus hour wait. It all ended well – Gavin got a great nap in, we saw and heard an awesome thunderstorm, and our battery died right when we needed to start the car to get onto the ferry. Good thing I married the fastest-jump-starter ever (we had a portable jump start on us). We made it home in time for the lightning delay so we could catch up on the Seahawks game, so not all was lost. Enjoy!

      It was SO foggy out – typically you can see land beyond here, but everything was lost in a sea of grey. Such a Seattle fall day!SundayVisit-4511

      My family tolerates me, haha. I was out taking pictures and Gavin wanted to come with me, so we did a quick hand off.GavinSundayVisit-

      Then Carter had to come out too, so we all walked around for a bit.


      Goofing around back in the car.Carter&Gavin

      Our ferry arrived! We rode the “Puyallup” over to Kingston.SundayVisit-4534

      Our gorgeous view of more grey off the front of the boat.SundayVisit-4539

      Now here is where things got interesting. Auntie Sandy brought out the army guys to play with. Charlie had a princess castle. Together … well, the boys had the army storm the castle – I am guessing it was a hostile takeover given the man down on the balcony!Toys

      Homework and football watching for the older kids.SundayVisit-4550

      And finally we have some endured candid’s too (oh Chase … you know you are the best!)Kids