I made it through three days and two nights of single parenting over the weekend while Jeremy attended the wedding of a good friend from college! I was most nervous about dealing with the nights – Carter is still a terrible sleeper and typically wakes up a couple of times every night and wants someone to come in his room with him. Then Gavin wakes up a couple of times needing to feed … let’s just say the weekend had the potential to go VERY wrong.

      Thankfully friday night Carter slept through the night and Gavin had a good four hour chunk and then a three hour chunk. Saturday we went to Ryan’s baseball game and had dinner at Mark and Kim’s. Mark showed me the hill at the end of the Tolt Pipeline trail (which runs directly behind our new house). Let’s just say that hill looked EXTREMELY painful. Some day I will take a photo of it and someday I will be in good enough shape to run it. In the meantime I will just look at it in awe.

      Kimmy and I also figured out how to walk between our houses – we randomly accosted a woman walking to ask if she knew how to get there. Funnily enough, the woman we stopped was the mom of Melissa’s childhood friends. Small world! Anyway, we would have never figured out how to get to the new house if we hadn’t run into her – you meander through a storybook neighborhood complete with a house with a working farm, a place that had a pond with a dock to a gazebo in the middle and a swan floating around. Then you cut between two houses on a trail that drops you on the pipeline and our new house is just down the hill! We were totally stoked – I am guessing it is probably a two mile trip total from one house to the other.

      Saturday night I was not as lucky with the sleep. Carter woke up after about two hours, then he woke Gavin up. I got Carter back down by basically ignoring him (he gave up and went to sleep) and fed Gavin who fell asleep on me. He didn’t finish eating, but at that point, he was asleep. Then two hours later Gavin woke back up hungry and woke Carter up. We did the same thing again and everyone fell back asleep, then Carter woke up an hour and a half later. I was a bit of a wreck on Sunday! But we survived and Carter and Gavin both slept great last night (minus the hour Jeremy was up with Gavin who was wide awake and wanting to play).

      And now … only TWO AND A HALF WEEKS until we move! Still waiting for the appraisal to occur on our house so I can start packing. Just talked to Jill and she said they buyers went from a conventional loan to a FHA and that could be what is causing the delay. All I know is they better get financing…


      Ah-haha-ha! I have been up that steep section of the Tolt. Pushing a bike. It is hard! But, it will make you stronger!

      I can’t wait till you’re running again! :)


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