I went to the doctor’s today and was 50% effaced and just barely starting to dilate. K2 has moved to heads down now and all the contractions and pain I have been feeling the last three nights was him trying to move into position. The doctor has NO idea when he will come, I could go into labor tonight, or I could make it to my appointment in a week where they would determine whether or not I needed to be induced.

      At this point Chloe’s birthday is safe and unless things start here pretty soon, it looks like Jeremy’s birthday is now safe too (Happy Birthday Daddy!!).

      Here is the pool of guesses from my team at work and my family … it will be interesting to see who is going to be closest!!


      Name Date Weight
      Alysson 28-Feb 6lbs 9oz
      Shawna 10-Mar 8lbs 5oz
      Chris 10-Mar 8lbs
      Jeremy 11-Mar 7lbs 10 oz
      Christine 12-Mar 8lbs
      Nana 13-Mar 8lbs 14oz
      Kim 13-Mar 7lbs 10 oz
      Keegan 13-Mar 8lbs 11 oz
      Kimmy 13-Mar 7lbs 6oz
      Papa 14-Mar 7lbs 14 oz
      Ian 15-Mar 8 lbs 8 oz
      Angela  15-Mar 8lbs 2oz 
      Grandpa 15-Mar 7lbs 11oz
      Sandy 16-Mar 8lbs 4oz
      Grandma 16-Mar 7lbs 15 oz
      Denise 17-Mar 8lbs 1oz
      Mark 17-Mar 8lbs 1oz
      Lana 17-Mar 7lbs 6 oz
      Jaelene 20-Mar 8lbs 8 oz
      TTY 24-Mar 12lbs
      Chip 1-Apr 13lbs 15 oz


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