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      Oh Gavin… The things that he says these days are, well, so very uniquely him. I wanted to post them so we didn’t forget… “Is my future coming today?” when ask... READ MORE These Boys. I have been hearing some funny things from our boys here lately and wanted to do a quick “Archive” on the blog so I wouldn’t forget. Carter: “Mom, how... READ MORE Life With A Two & A Half Year Old Yeah. Anyone who has had kids knows how this is going to go.One day we had a wonderful, joyous, fun, adorable little boy. The next day we had the devi... READ MORE Cuteness Before everyone arrived at Camp Casey on Whidbey Island, we took a quick walk down by the shore. The wind was whipping through and there was a bite in... READ MORE big questions We spent a lovely morning and afternoon over at Jeremy’s brothers house today to celebrate my niece Charley’s ninth birthday. Sadly I forgot my camera... READ MORE Conversations On Christmas Eve After a decent conversation with Carter on Christmas Eve about having to stay in bed the WHOLE night or Santa won’t leave him any presents, this is wh... READ MORE Santa’s Power Carter: I am going to be good today so I can get presents from Santa. Me: That seems like a good plan. Carter: Yeah. My eyes are going to be good. My ... READ MORE “Gubble Gum” Carter: "It stays in your mouth for, like, sixty days and then it turns into bubble gum." READ MORE The Leper! Since today is Saint Patrick's Day I thought it would be entertaining to have a little fun with Carter. I told him about Leprechauns and all the misch... READ MORE Oh Carter … Again “Hi Grandma! I didn’t hit or kick Gavin. I just snapped him.” (in reference to pulling Gavin’s hair) READ MORE