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      2020: Visual Clarity | Week 4 Day 22 | January 22nd So. Much. Rain. Winter in the PNW is dark. And grey. With a drizzle that can chill you to your bones. Very little sunshine and ... READ MORE 2020: Visual Clarity | Week 3 Snow, sports and fun games this week! Day 15 | January 15th The sun was rising and kissing the tops of the trees this morning. With all the snow, yo... READ MORE 2020: Visual Clarity | Week 2 And the second week of January flew by. Day 8 | January 8th I got a new Lensbaby Velvet 56 - this is a manual focus art lens that adds a really drea... READ MORE 2020: Visual Clarity | Week 1 First off, thanks to Jeremy for inspiring me on the name of this years project. :) Day 1 | January 1st The weather was slightly dry, so I took the d... READ MORE Welcome 2020 Change begins with a single decision, a choice or a step in a new direction. Every new year presents itself as a blank canvas for moving forward.  Add... READ MORE December 2019 Memories With Thanksgiving late this year, December felt extra jam-packed. We started off by getting the house finished up with decorations and our tree finall... READ MORE November Memories While I am letting the majority of 2019 go for now with regards to documenting, I did decide to pull together some photos I took in November. I tried ... READ MORE Mid March and Gavin’s Birthday | 2019 Chronicles Rainy days mean time to catch up on all the photos that have been stacking up over the last two months. For this installment we will take a look at mi... READ MORE First Half of March | 2019 Chronicles March has to be the busiest month of my year and this year is definitely no exception. While we started the month with trees being removed, we also go... READ MORE Second Half of February – 2019 Chronicles We kicked off the second half of February with a trip to Vegas. You can read about it in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. Once we got back, I decided I n... READ MORE