It has been one of those weeks. I swear all I am doing is running from one thing to the next without the ability to slow down long enough to focus on what I am doing and then knowing that I have a list of things that I need to check off and it isn’t going fast enough because I am exhausted and in bed no later than 9 every night – work keeps piling up, Christmas shopping isn’t even really started, we don’t have any decorations on our tree, my Christmas spirit is completely missing, I keep getting thrown new projects that should have 6 months of pre-work done and I am supposed to complete them in three days, oh and then try to take a vacation day in there too so that my husband and I actually STAY married. So yeah, I need to take a deep breath. Either that or seek out medication.

      On a happier note – I have been meaning to do a post from this last weekend around Carter. On Sunday morning, Jeremy grabbed his “Super Daddy” mug for coffee as he was holding Carter. They started looking at the letters and Carter goes, “S-T-O-P, STOP!” Jeremy and I looked at each other like, “WHAT?!?!” because we hadn’t taught him that. Since it was only 6am, we kindly waited until 7:30 before calling Grandma to find out if she had been the one. She laughed and laughed and said when they drive, they work on stop, go, red, and green. This kid is a sponge.


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