After making endless lists, we are getting ready to head to the cabin for a week!  Have to say that I am looking forward to the break from work … I haven’t had a decent break in awhile.  Now I am wishing that I took 2 weeks instead of just one, ah well.

      Steve & Donna are going to meet us there on Saturday night to drop the Ski Doo off before they head out the meet up with their friend Bill for a few days.  Mark, Kim, and the kids are planning on camping up at Goose Creek Tuesday through Friday, so it will be fun for Jeremy to have them to go out riding with.  Sounds like my parents may also come up for a few days to hang out as well.  Hoping the weather cooperates though – right now we are set for a heat wave this weekend, but it is looking cooler and showery by the time everyone is set to arrive.  Also hoping that it holds out so that we can head out on the boat as well – I need some time on the water!

      On the baby front, it is now about the size of a kidney bean.  My dad has taken to calling it "Bean" and threatened that it would stick.  Given the info from the doctor last week, even though I am supposed to be on Week 9 of my pregnancy, the baby’s development is at Week 8 according to the site that I go to (due to how late we conceived).  I know, it is confusing to me too :-) 

      I am still feeling great, so I think I am out of the woods in terms of getting hit with morning sickness.  Can never be sure, but it is looking promising at least.  We got our first baby toys from Jeremy’s parents over the last weekend when we went to visit them & celebrate Steve’s birthday.  They also gave the baby some cute onesies, ADORABLE socks, and baby blankets.  This child is not going to need a thing when it arrives!  Except a theme in it’s bedroom, as my husband has all the sudden decided that he wants input into decorating it (this is my shout out for all of you to call his masculinity into question so he lets me do what I want to ;-)  I know, kind of an underhanded maneuver to get what I want, but hey, I am desperate!).

      I will post more regularly next week while we are lounging at the cabin & will make sure to update with some photos of what we are doing!

      – Lisa



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