The weather has been AMAZING this week and it is still supposed to stick around until next Tuesday.  It feels like Spring outside – my primroses are trying to bloom and I have hyacinths trying to pop up.  I am itching to do some yard work and get the garden ready for major planting again.  We REALLY need to pressure wash the sidewalk and driveway, there is serious algae/moss-ish build up where the concrete never sees the sun in the winter.

      This weekend is going to be fun – Carter and I are going for a walk with the twins Saturday morning and then stopping to play at the school for a bit.  I am going to bring my camera to see if I can get some good shots of him.  Saturday evening we are hosting our neighbors for a Block Watch party.  There was another break-in down the street two weeks ago, so it will be good to get all the neighbors together.  Sunday should be lazy – I figure I will get some yard work in and am debating on running my 11 miles.  My knees have been killing me all week, so not sure if I should run the 11, run maybe 8, or just take a break.  The race is 5 weeks out still, but I need to be ramping up my longer runs now.  Decisions, decisions…

      Here is a fun Carter Picture from Superbowl weekend:



      Carter looks so cute. Remember those knees have to last you into you 90s or beyond so be nice to them!